Monday, November 23, 2009

While You Were Out

While you were out Mommy,

I missed you AND I loved spending all of this time with my grandparents and Daddy!

Last night I made Aunt Robbye laugh by singing, "We will, we will....ROCK IT!"

Today Daddy called and I didn't want to talk to on the phone. Daddy called back and pretended to be Santa Claus to trick me. After we hung up, I asked Aunt Robbye if Daddy was Santa Clause.

Today I went to lunch at The Wagon Wheel with Nunny, Buzz, Aunt Robbye, and even Daddy met us there while he was working close by. I charmed all of the old timers that were there for lunch! The waitress walked up and I said, "What is your name? My name is Riley." I ordered some milk, all by myself, without anyone asking AND when the waitress walked away, proudly announced, "I'm waiting." Not in a rude way, but in a proud way to let everyone know that I was being patient.

Here are some other fun things I've done while you were out...

Helped Buzz and did a little leaf blowing,
did some digging,

played garbage man with leaves,

rocked out,

helped Daddy put the baby's dresser together,
and rode a horse at Abbie's birthday party.
Did the doctors and nurses say you could come home yet Mommy?


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You are killing me! I know how much you miss him. Remember...the count down has begun!! Happy Thanksgiving!