Friday, November 27, 2009

Dearest Little One,

I'm not thrilled to be laying here, but I have been able to focus on you more than the "normal" pregnant woman usually has the time and energy to do. For a few weeks now, you curl up just so your cute little hiney (don't you love that I already know how cute it is?) sticks up on the right side of my belly. You know what? I pat your hiney when you do that! I love it! It's not an uncomfortable feeling, but I know it when it comes and your hiney is there every time.

When you wiggle around, I say, "Hi Baby!" and when your Daddy is here with me, he looks up and smiles and if he's close enough, he'll put his hand on my belly to feel you move.

I sure do enjoy listening to your heartbeat every day. I'm going to miss it when we're not here anymore. Some days it can lull me to sleep. It's so peaceful to hear you beating away in there. I've learned a ton about your heartbeat. It's good and strong and the nurses tell me that it looks great (but I know that already because they've taught me so much)! I know what a good strip looks like and what worries the nurses. You haven't done it much, but you HAVE done it. Stinker.

Your big brother things if he talks into my belly button you can hear him better. I think it's so cute and pretty clever too. You are going to love that boy (well, most of the time)! He calls you "his baby" and thinks that you are a girl some days and other days he thinks you are a boy. One day he said you were a girl but that he wanted a brother. He will love you up whatever you are.



erinunbe said...

Oh, that just melted my heart!

Stephanie said...


Julia Betts said...

So adorable. I got the boy/girl answer from Riley too. This experience has silver lining and I agree the constant moments with the baby are priceless. Happy 31 weeks!!