Wednesday, April 28, 2010

20 Years?

Last Saturday was my high school reunion, my 20th!  Where has the time gone?  I don't feel that old!  It all came flooding back, that insecure little girl walking the hallways of Anderson High School, and I doubted whether or not I should go.  I pondered on it for months and never bought my Weekend Pass.  I finally asked our mothers to babysit the day before and they were both free, thankfully.  I decided that if I didn't go, I would regret it.  If I didn't go and didn't have fun, I could go home.  If I didn't go at all, I couldn't take it back.

The day before, I read a blogpost written by one of our lovely class officers that basically said, "We want you here even if your waistline isn't small enough, your bank account isn't big enough, you're married, divorced, gay, whatever, we just want you here."  They also went on to mention that we should all leave our judgemental selves at home.  Wow, wouldn't high school be a more comfortable place for us all?

I drug my husband along, who graduated from a family of 69, not a high school like mine.  He knew everyone in his class.  I knew many, but not all.  I knew he wasn't looking forward to it...I was having doubts myself!  I really was excited though!  Excited because I'm proud of who I am, proud to have a wonderful husband, proud to be a first grade teacher, proud of my two fabulous, adorable boys.  I was anxious to see everyone and to hear what life had brought them since 1990. 

The venue was Momo's, a live music venue on 6th Street, owned by a classmate of ours.  We had a D.J. playing 80's tunes--perfect!

So glad I sucked it up...and my waistline (as much as I could)...and went.  It was great to see everyone--we look better now than we did 20 years ago!  Not only did we have a great time, but the invite said from 7-11 and I just knew we'd be home right afterwards.  After the D.J. left, a Tom Petty cover band played that was great.  We shocked ourselves (and our poor babysitters) and didn't leave until 1:30...and Russ had a great time too!  It was great to see old friends, and become reacquainted with them.  No regrets, except that I wish I had more time to catch up with some folks--and I didn't even get to talk to everyone I intended to!  Thanks for a great night, Anderson High Class of 1990!

Friday, April 16, 2010


My friend Stephanie at Classic Cuties has a tradition that I love.  She interviews her children annually, asking the same question.  I've wanted to do it before, but Riley was too young.  No longer--he's full of opinions these days and always has something to say.  Here's our First Annual Mommy Interview! (March 13, 2010)

Q:  What is something your Mommy always says to you?
A:  I love you.

Q:  What makes Mommy happy?
A:  When I be nice.

Q:  What makes Mommy sad?
A:  If I don't be nice.

Q:  How does your Mommy make you laugh?
A:  Make a funny face.

Q:  What was your Mommy like as a child?
A:  She liked Play Doh like I did!

Q:  How old is your Mommy?
A:  730

Q:  How tall is your Mommy?
A:  Really, really, really tall

Q:  What is her favorite thing to do?
A:  Cook

Q:  What does your Mommy do when you're not around?
A:  Feed Kace

Q:  If your Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
A:  For helping me clean up.

Q:  What is your Mommy really good at?
A:  puzzles

Q:  What is your Mommy not so good at?
A:  Big puzzles, like hard puzzles, the one with the longhorn, okay?

Q:  What does your Mommy do for her job?
A:  Go to school, a teacher

Q:  What is your Mommy's favorite soup?
A:  Soup

Q:  What makes you proud of your Mommy?
A:  When you be nice to me

Q:  If she were a cartoon character, who would Mommy be?
A:  The Pink Panther

Q:  What do you and your Mommy do together?
A:  Sing songs, play together, put puzzles together, go to the kite festival, tell stories, read books, and scratch my back

Q:  How are you and your Mommy the same?
A:  We watch movies.

Q:  How are you and your Mommy different?
A:  You're a grown up and I'm a kid.

Q:  How do you know your Mommy loves you?
A:  Because she's a sweet Mommy.  She does funny stuff and puzzles.

Q:  Where is your Mommy's favorite place to go?
A:  To the kite festival