Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Conversation

Kace is crying, waiting impatiently for his bottle to warm up and I walk through the living room and see Riley on top of Kace....almost smothering in my opinion.  I say, "Riley...." and he says, "It's okay Mom, I'm just lovin' on him.  I have my head turned to the side like this (shows me) so I won't breathe on him (paranoid NICU/preemie mother)."

Sweetness I didn't want to forget.  I love Stay Home Days!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

These Hands

I've loved these hands for 37 years. I always thought these hands were beautiful. Even without her wedding ring and opal ring I always tried on. They never looked as pretty on my hand as they did on hers.

They took care of me when I was sick.
They cooked with me.
They cooked for me.
They made sure I was happy.
They hugged me.
They scratched my back.
They planted flowers with me.
They held my hand at church.
They loved me.
I will miss them.

I miss you Nana.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Growing Like a Weed!

I was looking back at the pictures from the day Kace came home and he has grown and changed so much. So much has happened, I hope I eventually blog some of the stories, but for now, I just want to do this quick comparison.
Christmas Eve in NICU.

Homecoming, January 3

My sweet, precious miracle baby. Worth every moment. He's absolutely perfect.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Will Not Forget

I will not forget the way your tiny fingers hang onto mine.

I will not forget the way you pull your legs up under your body.

I will not forget your intoxicating baby smell.

I will not forget the way your little feet kick.
I will not forget how you demand a blanket. All the time.

I will not forget the way your fuzzy little head feels on my lips and my cheek.

I won't forget if you won't.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Good Day

I'm so thankful that Kace met his great grandmother on her last "good" day. She got to see him, touch him, and tell me how cute he was. At one point, she said, "Where's that baby?" I walked to her bed to show him to her and said, "Here's our baby!" She said, "Well, not MINE!" That was funny! Her last good day, she knew my name and wondered what I was doing in her kitchen, just like old times. She always wanted to know what I was doing in there because she felt like she should be doing it for me. Or anyone else in her kitchen for that matter. She was a great hostess and was always offering up something to her visitors. I would always tell my friends that they might as well take her up on something....otherwise she'll keep asking! That's my Nana.

Her last good day we laughed, we smiled, I hugged and kissed her. When Kace and I left, I said "Goodbye Nana, I love you." She said, "I love you too, hon."

Thank you God for my last good day with my sweet Nana.