Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday was Sonogram Thursday and with every passing sonogram, we breathe a sigh of relief. This week was no exception.

My amniotic fluid index (AFI) was 4.8, which was a little less than last week, but the doctor said there was more fluid than was actually quantified. She looks for pockets of fluid surrounding the baby and she doesn't measure the pockets of fluid that have umbilical cord in it. The umbilical cord was actually floating in fluid last night, it's normally not, so that was a good thing. In all actuality, I think my fluid level stayed about the same. It will fluctuate, but we have been lucky and it has continued to rise with every sonogram.

We saw the baby move--this sonogram showed a very active baby! We saw the mouth open and close, the chest expand and contract (breathing practice the doctor calls it), and we actually saw an eye open and close.

3 weeks ago when the doctor measured baby's femur and head and calculated that the baby weighed approximately 1 lb and 11 ounces. I was hoping for a weight of 2 1/2 pounds this time, but to my surprise, the weight was 2 lbs. and 14 ounces!

Russ said that all of those Reese's Peanut Butter cups were paying off and that maybe we should name the baby Reese's. I replied, "Reese! That could be a boy or a girl! I like that name, yes!" But....Reese and Russ sounds pretty silly, doesn't it?

All of the PROM ladies in "my" unit had good sonograms last night, so it was a good night for all of us. Yeah babies!! Yeah Mommies!!

Your prayers bring us peace and comfort during this time. It is not an easy thing for any of us, but we are so thankful to still be here, with this baby. A friend told me that each day I'm here is 3 less days in the NICU. So far, I've saved 111 days in NICU for this baby. What a blessing! And while I'm talking about blessings, the doctor said we'd go to 34 weeks. That would give our family a little Christmas blessing too (the week of Christmas possibly)!


Stephanie said...

I wanna see the video of your sonogram!

Scott Boddicker said...

I wanted to send my "yeahhhh for the babies!!!!" hollar. Thank you for sending me link. I forgot you had this page. Riley is so precious... so big!

Scott Boddicker said...

Scott Boddicker is Nobili Boddicker - don't know why it said Scott - haha

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rachael... said...

I love Reece...perfect companion to Riley!!