Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I feel like I keep doing the same things over and over and over again:
Wash hands.
Wash hands.
Feed Kace.
Clean pump parts and bottles.

There are a few things happening in-between, but nothing feels productive. Before I know it, it's time to:
Wash hands.
Wash hands.
Feed Kace.
Clean pump parts and bottles.
Pick up Riley.
Make dinner.
Wash hands.
Wash hands.
Feed Kace.
Clean pump parts and bottles.
Go to bed, but not for long...

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Russ twisted my arm and we went to see Avatar in 3D. I might have seen just anything to get out of the house once again (I've got some catching up to do)! I didn't really know what to expect at first, but have heard that it was good (from Katie AND Oprah) and that there actually is a story line. I'd decided that it wasn't the science-fiction/alien movie that I thought it might be.

To my surprise, I liked it. The visual effects were incredible. My imagination could never create something like this. I even welled up with tears once--shocker!

Craig and Susan joined us, though we didn't get to talk much, obviously. Susan need to get out of the house too! It was good to have them next to us in the dark with our crazy glasses on.
Couldn't miss this crazy photo opportunity! Susan, I think your eyes are closed!! :-)

Dear Little Brother

Dear Little Brother,

I wanted you to know some things about your big brother you don't know right now because you're just a little muffin. I hope you will appreciate knowing these things some day.

*He can't get enough of you. He is constantly wanting to kiss you, hug you, and touch you (as long as he doesn't have to wash his hands first--ha!).
*He loves chocolate milk.
*The morning after the first night you came home, he asked, "Mommy, is Kace still here?" He was excited, not irritated that you were "still here."
*He is an amazing conversationalist!
*He is ready to play with you but knows it will be a while because "baby's just drink milk."
*He likes to snuggle.
*He is so proud of you. Whenever anyone comes to see you, he says, "You can touch him if you wash your hands."
*He loves to help Mommy in the kitchen. He got his own kitchen for Christmas that he likes to make soup in!
*The moment you met is a moment I will never forget. Riley had to wait 13 days after you were born to meet you because you were in the hospital getting stronger. Riley came around the corner and went straight for you. He had a hard time keeping his hands off of you.
*He had a hard time while Mommy was in the hospital, but was really a trooper for 75 days of "abnormality." He sure did love his time with his grandparents though!
*He still calls you "My Baby." He started calling you that the minute he knew you were on your way.
*He loves his Dog and Pillow.
*He is working on telling the difference between "crying" and "baby noises." He's getting it now.
*Every day he asks to hold you. Several times he has held you for an entire episode of Spiderman or Scooby-Doo. (That's a long time for an almost four-year-old!)
*He is making plans about things you'll play when you "get bigger."
*He thinks that baby pictures of him are you!
*He can't wait to take you to the ranch. It will be a while before you ride in his Gator though.
*He has a stubborn streak--watch out!
*He knew how to spell your name when you came home from the hospital.
*He loves you and is looking out for you already!
I hope this helps someday. I love you too!


Monday, January 18, 2010

A First.

I had a crazy thought today: "Why don't I try keeping both boys home with me today?" Russ went to work and I asked Riley if he'd like to stay home and help me organize his toys or go to school. He decided to stay home--shocker!

Immediately after giving him a choice, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. Normally Russ is here to bounce one or the other off of and it's a much needed situation. I'm still overwhelmed trying to manage having two children...

So today we stayed home. Kace didn't need to be held all day. Riley took a 3 hour nap. I fed all of us. We did spend at least 2 hours organizing toys. We watched Backyardigans, it's been a while and I've honestly missed those little friends. There were no tears, no raised voices, and I even heard, "Mommy, I like you" half a dozen times today.

Today was a hit. I'm proud of all of us for co-existing. I may be able to do this after all!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Moments

Conversation with Riley at bedtime this week:

Riley: When Kace is bigger, he can sleep with me in my bed. When he's 3, like me.
Mommy: When Kace is 3, you'll be 7!
Riley: (In awe of "7") When I'm 7 I'll be as big as the sky.
Mommy: You can't be as big as the sky because then I can't hug and kiss you!
Riley: It's okay Mommy, you can hug and kiss me, I will have a button down here (pointing to ankle) and you can push it and I'll come down. And you can kiss me.

And we had a conversation about camoflage. He thinks it's "camel-fly" and has the nerve to correct me!! :-)

He's confusing "whipped cream" with "sour cream." So if my child asks for sour cream with his hot chocolate or cake, you'll know why.

We made a dessert with pineapple in it. He announced, "I ate a pinecone!" (Yuck!)

There are more. My brain just can't remember them right now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'd planned all week to go out with my husband. It's been a while, you see...since October 7th (or maybe a little earlier) I've been in a hospital, at home with my sweet little muffin, or my mom's, my in-laws, or my grandparents house. Oh, and 2 trips to H.E.B. and once to Target. It's kind of sad, huh?

Mom was going to keep Riley because he's been dying to go to Mimi's. Nunny was going to keep Kace. Russ and I were going to Alamo to see The Blind Side. Friday came, I was going to buy tickets online, and the movie was gone. The Lovely Bones opened and moved into the theater, my evening was ruined!! I was so frustrated and honestly didn't want to go spend $50 on a movie I didn't really want to see.

I told Russ we could just go enjoy a meal and a glass of wine somewhere. (Yes, I was planning on drinking a glass...or two!) Russ checked with Brian and Julia to see if they could join us--and they were in!

Things were looking up!!

We met at Reale's, a little Italian place we like. We enjoyed their company outside of the hospital as much as we did in it (not a surprise, actually)! It was great to see them again and have a conversation out of NICU. I actually miss being there and seeing the people we became so attached to, I know it's crazy. I'm ever so grateful to be home though.

They are doing well, Braden is doing well--his big goal right now is feeding. He moved out of the isolette and is now in a crib! He's gaining weight like crazy and Brian and Julia couldn't be more proud of their precious little man. We are so happy for the 3 of them!

Couldn't get a group pic, but here we are. 2 glasses of wine later. Love her!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Brother

Riley was finally able to meet his little brother today. He's been referring to him as "my baby" my entire pregnancy. He couldn't keep his eyes, hands, or kissy lips off of Kace. He was glowing with pride...and still is.I think the feeling is mutual.

Friday, January 1, 2010

NICU Visits

Leave house (at least) 30 minutes before Kace's assessment.
20 minute drive to hospital.
Park, walk in, elevator up.
Get buzzed in.
Check in with NICU.

Scrub in--3 minutes of scrubbing hands, arms up to elbows. Using sponge, brush, soap, and nail pick provided.
(I have special soap because my hands were getting raw from washing, scrubbing, and using alcohol based hand sanitizer so much. Here is my kit until we find more packs with soap for sensitive skin.)

Wipe off camera and phone with antibacterial wipes.
Get buzzed in.
It's all worth it....there he is!!

Admire precious little one.
Take temp in armpit. He hates it.
Change diaper. He hates that too.

Nurse has bottle ready, it's time to snuggle and feed him.
Please drink at least 35 mL in 30 minutes...if you do that for 48 hours you can come home little punkin!

Can't get enough snuggling, especially when those little eyes are open!
Snuggle at least another 30 minutes. He likes to hang onto our fingers!
Bundle him back up and put him in his crib. We love you little man!

Russ always says goodbye to Braden and Reese when we leave.

We'll be back!!