Thursday, November 26, 2009

Heart Full of Gratitude

I started the day full of emotion. I could feel it sitting just under my skin, about to pop right out of my eyes. I knew I'd cry at some point and it started with texts and emails from friends and family.

I've always been a thankful kind of person, thankful for the amazing family that I have and loving married into I'm also very aware of my wonderful friends. This year though, I feel completely overwhelmed with thankfulness.

When you boil it down, I AM thankful to be here. Thankful to be celebrating my 50th day today. I am thankful to have 150 less days in NICU because I'm still here and still pregnant. Thankful to be 30 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy.

I am thankful to the doctors and nurses who continue to take care of me and are thrilled at the lack of excitement going on in my room. It's a blessing to be boring here.

Yesterday was sonogram day and immediately the doctor commented on how big the baby was (YAY!). 2 weeks ago the weight was 2 lbs and 14 oz. We're shooting for 4 lbs. next week for our next weight measurement (and at the rate people are telling me I'm growing, I'm confident we'll get there!). We continue to see the baby practicing breathing, moving (LOTS of showing off for Dr. D yesterday), and saw the baby making sucking movements. My fluid went from a disappointing 3 last week back up to a 5 this week! I am thankful for all of the good things we're seeing on our weekly sonograms.

I am thankful for my precious little boy for hanging in there while Mommy's in the hospital. I'm thankful for Russ, Mom, and Karol for playing Mom (and Dad) while baby and I are in here cooking.

I am thankful for my family who went out of their way on this special holiday to visit and bring me "to go plates" even though the cafeteria was offering a special holiday meal. No thank you. It just wouldn't have been the same without Karol's broccoli cheese casserole or Grandmom's wild rice stuffing! Thank you!

I'm already looking forward to next Thanksgiving, being home with our family of 4, and being so incredibly grateful for the gifts God has given us. I'm looking forward to cooking in my kitchen, eating at the table with my family, and being very aware of just how blessed we are each and every day.

(Thanks so much for the family photo Katie, I absolutely love it. It was worth all 7 takes!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


rachael... said...

Happy Thanksgiving honey! Look at that beautiful baby belly!!

tina said...

Happy Late Thanksgiving!! We didn't have it until today, so I forgot to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!! Even my mom!! Love you. Love your sweet belly.