Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Comics

I've definitely had some laughs while I've been here! Here are a few before I forget them:

*Russ and Riley got haircuts and Russ's is shorter than he's ever had it. Riley said, "Daddy, I like your short head!"

*Russ and I went to visit our (hospital) neighbors Brian and Julia last night. Russ brought a few beers and a bottle of some tequila for Brian's nerves (an Aggie needed a shot during the A&M/OU game). We were sitting around telling stories and every time a nurse came in to check on Julia, Russ and Brian had to hide their beers.

Brian asked the nurse to check his throat because it had been bothering him. She showed up with a tongue depressor and asked him to say "Aaaaah!" Brian, trying to hide beer breath is pretty difficult while saying "Aaaah!" six times.

After she finally left after the diagnosis of a red throat, we all got a huge laugh out of it all!

*Julia also had some flowers in her room that were dropping pollen. They wanted to get them out in case that might have been what was bothering Brian. During a nurse visit, Julia just asked the nurse to take the flowers, vase and all, out of the room...just in case. She had NO idea that Russ had been hiding his beer can behind the vase since we'd been in the room. Russ grabbed it just in time.

*Riley called this morning to tell us that he was going to Old McDonald's for breakfast with Nunny, Buzz, and Aunt Robbye.

*Riley and I have had many conversations about the buttons in this room. Most often it's about the nurse/doctor button on my bed and on the remote control and how we don't push the buttons because Mommy doesn't need the nurse right now. Immediately after a conversation about these buttons, Riley was leaving and found himself face to face with my nurse. He said to her, "Mommy doesn't need you!" I heard my nurse reply, "Oh, really?"

Every visit for a couple of weeks, Riley would walk to my bed, eye the buttons and say, "I hope I don't push the doctor button, Mommy."


Stephanie said...

LOVE it!! I'm so glad y'all are getting to have a good time, even stuck in the hospital. Bet your neighbors will be friends for life, too.

rachael... said...

Great stories! BTW Gage calls it "Old McDonald's" too! ;)

Becca said...

Charlie also says "Old MacDonalds!" Love the beer story. Reminds me of my roommate and I hiding all our contraban during "health and safety" inspections in the dorm!