Monday, November 9, 2009

Date Night x 2

Yesterday The Bee Movie was on HBO in my room and Russ brought Riley up here to watch a movie with me. His 3.75 year old attention span doesn't sit for many movies, but I had extremely high hopes for some snuggle time!

We did get snuggle time, but only because of the popcorn...and the cottage cheese and fruit plate I ordered from the cafeteria. The attention span lasted as long as the food (45 minutes), but I felt great about getting all of that fruit in my little boy!
Tonight, Russ is off to a Thai restaurant our neighbors (in Room 264) recommended as we are addicted to Pad Thai and Tom Ka. I'm trying something new tonight...with red curry. Yum! We are looking forward to Big Bang Theory together--other than football, the other show we actually make a point to watch together.

Riley's at the ranch with Nunny and Buzz for a couple of days. They picked him up before naptime today and he said to Nunny, "I haven't taken my nap yet. Thank you for picking me up before my nap!"


LaSonja said...

Lovin' that belly! So :) you got some snuggle time with your sweet boy!

sunshine said...

Ugh to the curry but yay for cuddle time/movie!!! Love all of my Cook's!!!

Tina said...

Awwww...that's just the best!!!