Sunday, August 14, 2011

Countdown to Kindergarten

Last night, I was sitting in Riley's bed while he was choosing his 3 books for bedtime. As he was crawling into bed, I looked at my watch and checked the date. "10 days to Kindergarten" I announced. And noticed that ironically,one of the books he chose was...

We've read this one many times over the summer, he knows the story well. A girl is counting down to Kindergarten, dreading that she will be the ONLY one that doesn't know how to tie her shoes. And Rule #1 is that you can't ask for help!

One page, the girls parents are dropping her off in her classroom. Riley notices the mother is crying. "Why is her Mommy crying, " he asks "because she's happy?" "Yes, she is happy. And sad too, because her baby is growing up and starting school. I might cry too, on your first day" I explain. "Uh-uh" he says "Mommy, I'll always be your baby. I'll be your baby forever" he assures me, leaning in for a snuggle.

Yes you will....