Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Blessed and Less Worried

Today was a pretty worrisome day. Everything is okay, I just know it. I've been axious all day for the sonogram.

Lost a little more fluid than usual today.
Baseline (average) heartbeat was abnormally high.
My temperature was a little high.

All of these things added up to a little stress for me today. Then, our specialist called to say she had several emergencies pop up and a medical event this evening and wouldn't be able to make our usual Thursday sonogram, but that she'd be in tomorrow before noon. I totally understood, but was still worried and disappointed (I wanted Russ to be here and my nerves to be calmed).

Our nurse ended up calling the doctor and telling her all of the news and that she would feel better if we looked at the baby and didn't go another day without checking things out. She was going to squeeze us in.

There was indeed less fluid. I went from a 4.8 to a 3. Not the news I wanted to hear, but the news I expected. Dr. said that while it's not ideal, it isn't as critical now as it was 4 weeks ago. There was tons of fetal movement yesterday and she said that all of the movement could kick out some of the fluid. There is also the possibility that the fluid will increase now that baby has settled. I'm looking forward to next Thursday already...jeez!

We saw a full bladder (more fluid!), movement, breathing, and we even saw baby's eyes looking around!!

I am working on finding peace as we speak. Knowing that God has a plan for this baby and me. Knowing that we'll be okay and looking back on how far we've come. (We arrived 6 weeks ago at 23 weeks and 4 days. Today I am 29 weeks and 4 days--in case you couldn't do the math, I did it for you!)

Already feeling more blessed (and grateful) and less worried. Looking forward to Sunday's milestone of 30 weeks!


Becca said...

Phew, I was stressed just reading this! Come on Sunday! We're thinking about you guys.

Tina said...

Oh LADYBUG!!!! I know you are oh so worried!!
But remember that your short term goals
have been met each and every time and each
day is one day better than the last and one
day closer to your next goal!!!

I love you. Sweet dreams and strong prayers.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Missy! You're right that God has a plan for you and that sweet Baby Cook (and Russ and Riley, too). Praying for you guys!

rachael... said...

Sorry you had such a stressful time, but sounds like everything is still moving along well. Will be thinking about you this week.

Stephanie Eleuterius said...

Happy 3-0! I've been thinking of you tons. Miss you bunches.