Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opening Ceremonies

Not very action packed and mostly crowd control for the coaches and dads, but a great opportunity for the boys to feel like rockstar baseball players on the Round Rock Express Field (and mommy's to take some fun pictures).  A fun, gorgeous day with friends and family.

 Baseball buds.

 First in line....

 Our friend, Coach John Carter spoke about baseball in his life and made me cry!  
 Our Congressman, John Carter was there!

Another Season Begins.....Baseball Season

The big one is playing his 4th season of T-ball this year and we couldn't have been more proud of his first game this season.  He's been on really strong teams and learned some great ball from the players and coaches we've been surrounded by.  This year was new team, new people, and Riley kicked off the season with a fantastic game.  2 doubles, 4 outs, and spent his time on first base and the pitchers mound.

It's amazing to think of how far he has actually come since we started.

Faithful Fans=G & Grandmom

 More fans!

 Their first game and first win!  He's excited, can you tell?

Coach Daddy
Me & My Little Giant

Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Riley working hard finding the right Valentines for his friends in his class.  He even added a little hand-drawn heart to each one.  Sweet.
 We had fun making these little treats....and eating them.....and sharing them!
 Breakfast for my Valentines!

 I stayed home with a sick little Kace-man this day.  It was a good day to stay home and snuggle with my littlest Valentine.
 Kiss your brother!
 My little Valentines.  
Topped off the evening at home with a heart shaped pizza.  Delish!!

New Camera

I have a new camera!  I have taken a jillion pictures since I got it in my hands 5 days ago.  Here are some favorites: