Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Not the normal Halloween at our house, but Riley still had a fantastic evening!

Russ brought him up here to see me (I mean so I could see him...)in his Spiderman costume(Thanks, Babe)!

Then they headed home for some Halloween fun!

While trick or treating, he ran into his Spiderman twin. The boys were fascinated with each other and just stared...until Riley said, "Hi, Spiderman!" Riley wanted to spend the rest of the evening with THAT Spiderman.

Apparently Riley enjoyed passing out Halloween candy as much (if not more) than getting his own:

*As he was wrapping up for the evening, a group came up the driveway. Riley told them, "Hold on kids, let me go get the candy for you!" Ha!

*A little girl came to the door and wouldn't come near him with his mask on. Nunny pulled Riley's mask up over his head and the little girl grinned from ear to ear, walked up, got her candy, and went on her way. How cute is that?

*We had one kind of candy and and Riley would ask the trick or treaters, "And what kind do you want?"

All in all, today was a huge success thanks to Mimi, Russ, and Nunny. Thanks for taking the pics Erin!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's to Halloween 2010!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Things to Do While Mommy is on Bedrest

These are things my sweet little boy has actually done while I've been here. I hope this doesn't change your opinion of him (or me)!

1. Call Mommy every night before bedtime.
2. Answer her every time she asks me what pajamas I'm wearing.
3. Ask grandmothers for candy after every meal...and get it.
4. Charm nurses at nurses station.
5. Read books with Mommy at hospital.
6. Try really hard not to push buttons in Mommy's room and say "I hope I don't push the doctor button today!" at every visit.
7. Dunk hand/arm in the toilet.
8. Drive around neighborhood looking at fall/Halloween decorations.
9. Talk grandmother into sleeping in bed with me.
10. Carve a pumpkin.
11. Decorate Halloween cookies.
12. Eat breakfast at home every weekday morning (not at school because I'm not there by 8:15 in the morning).
13. Tell grandmothers they've turned the wrong way on the way to school (because he'd rather stay home with them) when they've gone the right way!
14. Tell grandmothers "This isn't it" while in driveway at school. Grandmother has to call for confirmation (because this sweet boy usually tells the truth).
15. Kiss Mommy's belly.
16. Ask that every cup of milk be chocolate milk.
17. Befriend security guard at hospital.
18. Get golfcart ride from security guard.
19. Get ice cream from security guard.
20. Answer "Good" every time Mommy asks "What are you doing?" repeatedly. Laugh with Mommy, but not really sure why it's so funny.
21. Wrap grandmothers around finger...even more.
22. Miss Mommy.
23. Turn CD up really loud for bedtime music.
24. Take a nap with Mommy at the hospital.
25. Handle this whole situation much better than any of us...

He's really pushing boundaries and taking advantage of this situation. He's asking if he can do things he knows he's not supposed to. Guess I'd do the same thing if I was 3 1/2!


26. Ask grandmother to potty in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. Ask grandmother if they can empty trash can. Place grandmother on other side of room to wait "until I finish." Pee in trash can.

At least he emptied the trash can...., right?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

almost 26 weeks!

The day began with a wheelchair ride downstairs to the hospital's "food court" area. Russ and I had a breakfast date (my first meal out of Room 266)! Then he wheeled me outside for some much needed time in the sunshine. I spent 10 minutes in full sun (my face got sunburned--it was wonderful!). Too bad I was wearing long-sleeved pajamas and didn't have my bikini!

Riley's at the ranch with Nunny, Buzz, Aunt Robbye, and Uncle Mike. They went to The Wagon Wheel this morning and Riley was introducing himself and his family to all of the patrons! Someone asked him if he had a cow on his shirt and he said "NO, a longhorn--Bevo!" and proceeded to put his horns up and sing "The Eyes of Texas."

Which is pretty dang precious considering he was a wild banshee last night while my mother was in charge for the evening. He sure is pushing his boundaries with all of us. Poor little guy though, he's doing well, considering Mommy's been here so long (18 days, but who's counting?)

While at the ranch, he carved a pumpkin and decorated some Halloween cookies (Thanks, Tracy)! Someone is enjoying fall while I'm sitting in bed...and though I'm a little envious, I'm incredibly thankful!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things to do While on Bedrest

1. Pray.
2. Fall in love with your husband even more.
3. Miss the things that make you crazy at home.
4. Watch football in your Longhorn Snuggie.
5. Do Mad Libs with husband--too funny!
6. Pretend to dance with Ellen every morning at 9.
7. Miss bedtime routine at home.
8. Thank your mother and mother-in-law.
9. Have another Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
10. Check email.
11. Listen to baby's heartbeat.
12. Read books.
13. Realize that I'm not a good "hospital visiting friend" and should work on that.
14. Watch a movie in the twin sized hospital bed with your husband.
15. Ask for more water and ice.
16. Check email.
17. Go to the bathroom. Often. It's your new exercise!
18. Clean out purse.
19. Live vicariously through friends on Facebook.
20. Be inspired by your friends and family. And appreciate them even more.
21. Cry (mostly good cries).
22. Order "room service." (That's really what they call it!)
23. Read magazines.
24. Check email.
25. Pray.
26. Do a word find.
27. Miss work. I know, right? I miss the big people and the little people too!
28. Do a People magazine crossword--the only crossword I can finish!
29. Enjoy time to think and be thankful.
30. Listen to baby's heartbeat.
31. Watch football.
32. Get to know nurses really well. And all of the doctors in the entire practice!
33. Enjoy every moment of son falling asleep in hospital bed.
34. Clean out email address book.
35. Watch fingernails grow.
36. Drink some more water.
37. Make a whole new kind of "to do while sitting on my butt" list.
38. Go for a wheelchair ride--wahoo!!
39. Pray.
40. Be thankful for every day.
41. Enjoy moments with friends--I know how busy they are.
42. Think about writing thank you notes, but get distracted by various other things.
43. Squeeze quads and glutes while lying in bed, knowing it's strength training.
44. Smile.

And another:
*Plan my outfit (pajamas) hours in's not near as stressful as getting dressed
for work every day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today is my 37th birthday.

On bedrest, in the hospital would never be my "ideal scenario" for a birthday celebration, but I have learned a lot today...

There are no words to describe how loved I feel. Thank you just doesn't seem to do it, or even come close. I am in awe of my friends and family. I've shed more tears today, tears of joy and amazement, than I have in a long time.

I'm not listing names, but I am thankful for every moment, visit, email, facebook, phone call, hug, flower, card, Reese's peanut butter cup, book, Mad Libs, magazine, flatiron/blowout, strawberry/grape/pineapple/cantaloupe, cookie, movie, slumber/pizza party, pumpkin flashlight, sock, gourd, pajama, and DVD player on loan. (I didn't even scratch the surface.)

Folks, I hope that I can return the favor, but don't you dare make me come to the hospital.

With a heart full of love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancin' Machine

Last weekend was the Back to School Dance at the elementary school where I work. The PTA loves it when we attend these events (understandably) and so often after being at work all day I just don't want to stay any longer. This time I decided to drag Riley along with me.

The night before I asked him if he would like to go to Mommy's school, to the dance. He lit up and asked if he could "show the kids his trick!" This "trick" he's referring to is a cross between a donkey kick/cartwheel move that he does when he's trying to impress. It's adorable and oh, so cool!

Fast forward to Friday--I pick him up from school, we stop at McDonalds for iced tea (for Mommy) and some milk (for Riley). We get to school, he checks my classroom out (he's never been because his school is so close to home). He's impressed with the light switches, lamps, refrigerator (for his milk, of course), and my fall screensaver! He wonders where the kids are!

We head to the gym and he clings to my legs, hiding from everyone saying hello. It takes him a while to get used to the crowd, the admirers (current and former students, my friends at work), and the music. After a trip to the popcorn popper and finishing that off, he's ready.

Ready to Hokey Pokey.

Ready to Limbo (it helped having connections with the limbo stick hotties--a former parent and fellow teacher friend--because Riley didn't bother waiting in line).

Ready to dance on stage!

(You can't hear it well over his screaming fans, but the tune is Michael Jackson's "Beat It." He thinks he's dancing WITH Michael Jackson, not TO Michael Jackson!)