Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let the Purging Begin

My house looks like a tornado blew through every room, every closet, every corner, and you get the picture. I'm ready to put things away, of course. But first I have this sickness where I have to clean out the closet...before the new things can go in there. And in that process, I manage to create even more chaos! Is it just me? inbox is out of control. I just deleted everything that didn't have a photo attachment and it feels great. I'm ashamed, horribly ashamed to admit that I just deleted 6400 emails from my inbox...

And I'm free!!!

121 remain, but they all have photo attachments. I'll weed through those another time. I'm thrilled to have a 3 digit number in there...especially one that starts with a 1!

(Yeah Babe, I'm still jealous that you only have one email in your inbox. Someday...)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago...

Here he is, the reason I was in the hospital for 75 days. I was lucky enough to hang onto this guy for some good, quality developing time in there. We hung out in bed, Kace and I, for 75 days. It was hard, but it was easy at the same time..."for a good cause!" Those days seemed to filled with worry on one hand, but also filled with amazing friends, old and new; answered prayers; quality time with people we love; and a newfound respect for the daily grind.

The worry wasn't over though, it just transferred to a whole new level. He's here, appears to be okay, now off to NICU where they test, monitor, and give him more time to grow and develop. The worry didn't lesson like I expected in the back of my mind, it magnified greatly. Waiting for them to tell me what was right/wrong about our precious little miracle baby. Breathing, heart-rate, brain scan, wires, feeding tubes, constant beeping, and Russ's famous quote, "Ummm....there's an X." It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time.

Today, we celebrate his first year of life. The worry has yet to subside, it has evolved. Now we worry if he's okay when he bumps his head (because he's pulling up on everything) and what's he's put into his mouth this time (because every little speck of anything on the floor goes into his mouth...quickly). We are so lucky to have traveled this journey and had the outcome we did. Our eyes are open to a whole new world (to us) of difficult pregnancies, NICU babies, preemies, loss, and most importantly, the power of God. Every day I thank Him that we have two healthy, happy boys.

I don't look at babies with the same eyes that I did prior to this experience. Or mothers, or pregnant women. It's all a miracle and every day is critical, precious, and a gift. When life overwhelms me (as it does on pretty much a daily basis), I remind myself that what I need is a perspective change.

Well, here he #1 perspective changer!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall is Here....finally!

The calendar says it's Fall, long before it actually arrives in Texas. Very recently I've actually noticed some stunning orange, yellow, and red leaves....the week before Christmas!

I've wanted to pull over and snap some photos, but actually took these in my very own backyard!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have so much to say, but words just don't seem to be the most important thing right now.

A Marine fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan was called to Heaven on Monday.
Saturday morning his mother woke to the sound of his voice. She hadn't heard it in 35 days. He told her he was okay and things were quiet, that he was good.
Sunday they decorated a Marine Christmas Tree in his hometown.

This young man is someone that I know. I don't know him well, mind you, but he's the kind of guy you like the moment you meet him. He is the best friend to my niece and nephew. He is the son of my sister-in-law's best friend. I've known him since I met my husband.

He's wanted to be a Marine for a long time. He knew what he was getting in to and wanted to defend his country and its people. He is a hero.

My heart aches for his family. For his friends. For his hometown who has been through so much of late, it seems.

Newsclip from Kiii in Corpus

Please pray for his family, pray for them to find comfort through their pain. God Bless Them.

He is a true hero.