Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trading Spaces

(thanks for the title Rach!)

Last night, some amazing friends and Bunco girls were at my house emptying out what was my scrapbook room and moved it into the guest room to make way for our little baby on the way. Do you have any idea how much stuff was in there? I've been overwhelmed at the thought. These girls are amazing! They worked all day, drove across town (all live south and then some), stayed at my house being movers and organizers until 10:00 or so and headed home, and back to work today.

While some moved and oganized everything into the guest room, Russ and Valerie took on the crib. I think Gage, Amelia, and Savannah helped out too!

I think they had a little fun too, perfect! (Thank you Erin for going to the house and taking these pictures for me!)

I never thought these things would be happening without me. I sat here dying to know what was going on, what they were doing, wishing I was home with my friends and my family being a part of this transformation, BUT I am so very thankful that these girls had this idea and spent their precious time helping Russ and I. We are so grateful.

Next on the agenda is assembling the dresser/changing table and painting the room. My fabulous in laws are planning to paint. They brought me paint swatches and the nursery pillow to choose some from here. I chose a shade of khaki called "Toast." Russ will have to make the final decision based on lighting in the room, furniture, etc. I know they will make me proud.
Thanks to all of you! I am amazed...


Stephanie said...

Great friends have great friends!

Tina said...

Loved every minute of it. And Stephanie is OH SO RIGHT - you are a great friend who is destined to have great friends in return. Love you.

rachael... said...

It was our pleasure!