Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday brought us another blow.....after Justin's amputation surgery, they discovered his knees were worse than they thought and they're going to have to amputate from the knee. Just as we acclimate to news, another blow hits. This one hurt as much as the amputation news.

As we struggle to find the good in this situation, I'm asking God to remind me of the things we have to be thankful for in this situation, so I'm writing them down.

1. Justin is alive.
2. Justin is concious.
3. We have been able to talk to him.
4. He has family by his side now.
5. Justin is out of a war zone.
6. Justin was able to keep more of his leg than he lost.
7. Justin is being taken care of in the hospital by doctors and nurses who are doing the best the can.
8. He is young and strong and with some hard work, he'll be as good as new!
9. Justin has been peaceful and strong through this whole ordeal.
10. God is in charge, not us.


Jack Shuford said...

There is a reason for everything. Something great is going to happen in the life of Justin. What a witness to so many others with his attitude. I believe I would be thinking "woe is me". Not this young man. And, what an incredible family and extended family. Love them all.

jenn said...

Great list. Too often we focus on the negative. It is hard and at times like this it is so important to put your faith and trust in God. Justin's strength and courage is remarkable. I hope I get a chance to meet him someday.