Monday, July 14, 2008

BAMC in San Antonio

It was so wonderful to finally see Justin, to give him a hug, to say "thank you for all you've done." I just knew I was going to cry when I saw him...and I didn't. Russ even gave me a "lecture" about it in the hospital, before we got to his room. I did lose it yesterday, when we had to say goodbye to him. He had just received his morphene intraveinously and desperately needed some sleep. I went up to him, kissed his cheek, and said, "We're going to go home and we'll see you soon." He said, "Wait a minute. You're not going to be here when I wake up?" It was so hard to tell him "no." It broke my heart and I rushed out so he wouldn't see me tearing up. I pulled it together, but once those tears start, they're just waiting in the wings to start flowing again. I probably cried 5 more times before we arrived at home.

Justin's doing okay. His attitude is miraculous. His pain gets to him, it's constant, even on heavy pain medication. They're still working on that.

I'm anxious to see him again.


mkv said...

So glad you were able to see him. Love you...xoxo me

rachael... said...

I'm sure he was so thrilled to see you. Thanks for keeping us posted.