Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary Us

Today we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Wow!! Every year on our anniversary we go to Hill Country Pasta House (where we had our rehearsal dinner) and then venture over to Vintage Villas (where we were married) and take a photo in the same spot we were married.

Because our anniversary was on a Saturday this year, I anticipated a wedding there tonight. Uh, oh. What would we do? Interrupt, of course!! As we pulled up, there were a few people lingering for some after the ceremony photos. We anxiously waited for them to leave and were trying to devise an alternate plan, just in case. There were 2 people still sitting in the seats and Russ asked them to take our picture and told them our ridiculous story (that I love).

Thanks for our life together Babe. I love you. Here's to the next five!

"Because I believe that we can be extraordinary together, rather than ordinary apart." --Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy)


rachael... said...

Happy Anniversary Missy & Russ! Love the photo...and love that shirt Missy! :)

Boyz3Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversay. Happy Anniversary. Haaaaapy Anniversary! I forgot to call and sing it to you like I usually do...hope that was just as good. Bet it wasn't, huh?

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary!

queenoftheboys said...

Happy Anniversary! 5 years...WOW!!
Ya'll are just as cute now as you were then!!

jenn said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!
That is so special and neat that you guys do that every year.