Friday, July 4, 2008

More 4th...

We had planned to go to our neighborhood 4th of July parade (as participants) this morning, but Riley threw up a few times last night and I just didn't know what to expect of this, we went to the Round Rock parade downtown--as spectators.

Riley sat on the curb and found acorns in the landscaping and as he threw them onto the street he said, "Here chipmunks, here squirrels!" Too cutie! Afterwards, we ventured to the Frontier Days celebration and hung with the Colemans and the Wingroves. It was a good time!

Riley was up later than usual--we'd gone to eat late. Karol said, "Are you going to see the firecrackers?" and Riley went straight to the pantry to look for the "crackers!" Ha!!

We put Riley in his Marine uniform Justin got him for Christmas last year and sent him this video message. Riley actually said it all by himself--the first time that I wasn't recording (of course)! After a few takes, we finally got one that was worthy of sharing.


Boyz3Mommy said...

OH my gosh. Crying. Sweet little Riley Roo.

mkv said...

Love it and love you. xoxo