Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm starting to wonder about myself and all of these food posts. Ray strung them all together and it made me gain inches just looking at all of the food posts I've made recently. Well, as to not disappoint, here goes another one, kind of.

The last two nights I've made dinner. For myself (and Riley, but he's low maintenance). Monday night, dinner was ready to go (Lemon Garlic Tilapia, rice, and steamed zucchini) and I was waiting for Russ to arrive at home from a meeting. He called and said some of the people were going out afterwards, but that he'd be home shortly. I called him back and told him to go. Little did I know he'd be out until 1:30........Hmph!

Tuesday night I made some pasta to go with an Olive Cheese Bread recipe I found on Pioneer Woman's blog. I've been thinking about it since I laid eyes on that stuff. Russ wasn't feeling "himself" (see above) and didn't have it in him to eat dinner. Hmph!

I called him at 6:00 this evening to tell him dinner was all him tonight, that I wasn't cooking or cleaning the kitchen, and that he was in charge of dinner. I'd cooked and cleaned two no avail. I honestly expected a giggle and then it to be over.

My darling husband showed up with this:

Inside was: 2 orders of Alice Springs Chicken with a sweet potato and a salad with no onions (Ranch dressing for him, Honey Mustard for me), a kids meal with a grilled chicken breast and fries, and a loaf of bread.

What a surprise. Not only that he handled dinner with no notice (something I might have a panic attack about), but he took me back to when we were dating. Very frequently we would get Outback To Go, head to his house, and watch movies. We knew what to order without even thinking about it--we would even share the chicken and sweet potato, but did have a salad of our own.

Tonight was no different. He knew what to order (and Riley had Outback To Go for the first time) without even asking. He even thought about ordering only one chicken, but didn't. I'm glad he didn't....because tomorrow we're having Outback leftovers. Perfect!


Boyz3Mommy said...

Hooray Russ. I'm so proud.

rachael... said...

Can we come eat dinner at your house every night?

Julie said...

What time do you normally eat dinner because we'll be there! :) Everything you've made sounds so good!

raymond said...

I'm so proud to have my name in your blog! I feel so important!