Friday, July 25, 2008

The Russells are Comin'! The Russells are Comin'!

Tonight, the Russells are coming! Nonie's coming to give Riley a haircut and he needs one in a large way (did you see his toilet pic?). Now he's asking me to put HIS hair up, poor baby. We finally got our schedules together and Nonie's bringing the Russell family with her.

Riley is so excited..he didn't want to take his nap because he wanted to see "Fish."

I'm making Shrimp Tacos for dinner and Tina's picking up Steak and Shake for the kiddos! I just made dessert for all of us--some chocolate parfaits--they're in the fridge chilling. They look pretty and the pudding's delish--I had a lick (or seven). I can't wait!


rachael... said...

Good food, good company...can we come, too?? :)

Stephanie Eleuterius said...

My boys need haircuts too! Hope y'all had fun!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Thank you for the yummy delicious dinner Missy. And thanks for letting Mom cut ALL my boys' hair at your house too! ha. Had a great time. Hope Riley wasn't too cranky in the morning!!

jenn said...

Mine needed haircuts, I'm thinking an all-day Saturday haircuttin', kid playin', momma eatin', fun havin' good-time should be had next time. Of course, I'm inviting myself over and assuming Nonie wouldn't mind. I'm kidding, but it does look like you all had fun.
Is that a picture of the parfaits you made?