Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Like Daddy

My two guys have so much in common already. Last night, Russ said the sweetest thing to me, "When we have a little girl, I hope she's just like you." He said that because on a daily basis we are reminded of how much our little boy is just like his daddy.


*sleep in the same position

*have a quick temper

*love football

*are friendly to everyone

*look exactly alike

*enjoy being outside

*like to watch t.v.


Julie said...

How sweet!! I love the new look of your blog! So fun!

mkv said...

Precious! Love the blog! xoxo me

Becca said...

They do look exactly alike!! It was great to see you at lunch today... sorry it was so rushed. Charlie was starting to break down so I had to get him in the car. But send me an email sometime... it would be fun to get the boys together!

rachael... said...

I hope your little girl is just like you too! :)