Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Not the normal Halloween at our house, but Riley still had a fantastic evening!

Russ brought him up here to see me (I mean so I could see him...)in his Spiderman costume(Thanks, Babe)!

Then they headed home for some Halloween fun!

While trick or treating, he ran into his Spiderman twin. The boys were fascinated with each other and just stared...until Riley said, "Hi, Spiderman!" Riley wanted to spend the rest of the evening with THAT Spiderman.

Apparently Riley enjoyed passing out Halloween candy as much (if not more) than getting his own:

*As he was wrapping up for the evening, a group came up the driveway. Riley told them, "Hold on kids, let me go get the candy for you!" Ha!

*A little girl came to the door and wouldn't come near him with his mask on. Nunny pulled Riley's mask up over his head and the little girl grinned from ear to ear, walked up, got her candy, and went on her way. How cute is that?

*We had one kind of candy and and Riley would ask the trick or treaters, "And what kind do you want?"

All in all, today was a huge success thanks to Mimi, Russ, and Nunny. Thanks for taking the pics Erin!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's to Halloween 2010!

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