Saturday, October 24, 2009

almost 26 weeks!

The day began with a wheelchair ride downstairs to the hospital's "food court" area. Russ and I had a breakfast date (my first meal out of Room 266)! Then he wheeled me outside for some much needed time in the sunshine. I spent 10 minutes in full sun (my face got sunburned--it was wonderful!). Too bad I was wearing long-sleeved pajamas and didn't have my bikini!

Riley's at the ranch with Nunny, Buzz, Aunt Robbye, and Uncle Mike. They went to The Wagon Wheel this morning and Riley was introducing himself and his family to all of the patrons! Someone asked him if he had a cow on his shirt and he said "NO, a longhorn--Bevo!" and proceeded to put his horns up and sing "The Eyes of Texas."

Which is pretty dang precious considering he was a wild banshee last night while my mother was in charge for the evening. He sure is pushing his boundaries with all of us. Poor little guy though, he's doing well, considering Mommy's been here so long (18 days, but who's counting?)

While at the ranch, he carved a pumpkin and decorated some Halloween cookies (Thanks, Tracy)! Someone is enjoying fall while I'm sitting in bed...and though I'm a little envious, I'm incredibly thankful!!

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