Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancin' Machine

Last weekend was the Back to School Dance at the elementary school where I work. The PTA loves it when we attend these events (understandably) and so often after being at work all day I just don't want to stay any longer. This time I decided to drag Riley along with me.

The night before I asked him if he would like to go to Mommy's school, to the dance. He lit up and asked if he could "show the kids his trick!" This "trick" he's referring to is a cross between a donkey kick/cartwheel move that he does when he's trying to impress. It's adorable and oh, so cool!

Fast forward to Friday--I pick him up from school, we stop at McDonalds for iced tea (for Mommy) and some milk (for Riley). We get to school, he checks my classroom out (he's never been because his school is so close to home). He's impressed with the light switches, lamps, refrigerator (for his milk, of course), and my fall screensaver! He wonders where the kids are!

We head to the gym and he clings to my legs, hiding from everyone saying hello. It takes him a while to get used to the crowd, the admirers (current and former students, my friends at work), and the music. After a trip to the popcorn popper and finishing that off, he's ready.

Ready to Hokey Pokey.

Ready to Limbo (it helped having connections with the limbo stick hotties--a former parent and fellow teacher friend--because Riley didn't bother waiting in line).

Ready to dance on stage!

(You can't hear it well over his screaming fans, but the tune is Michael Jackson's "Beat It." He thinks he's dancing WITH Michael Jackson, not TO Michael Jackson!)


Stephanie said...

Oh, Missy! I LOVE it! He's quite a dancer! Too cute!

rachael... said...

Love those moves! He could even keep up with the Bunco Girls! :)

Boyz3Mommy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! That is just what I needed today!