Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things to do While on Bedrest

1. Pray.
2. Fall in love with your husband even more.
3. Miss the things that make you crazy at home.
4. Watch football in your Longhorn Snuggie.
5. Do Mad Libs with husband--too funny!
6. Pretend to dance with Ellen every morning at 9.
7. Miss bedtime routine at home.
8. Thank your mother and mother-in-law.
9. Have another Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
10. Check email.
11. Listen to baby's heartbeat.
12. Read books.
13. Realize that I'm not a good "hospital visiting friend" and should work on that.
14. Watch a movie in the twin sized hospital bed with your husband.
15. Ask for more water and ice.
16. Check email.
17. Go to the bathroom. Often. It's your new exercise!
18. Clean out purse.
19. Live vicariously through friends on Facebook.
20. Be inspired by your friends and family. And appreciate them even more.
21. Cry (mostly good cries).
22. Order "room service." (That's really what they call it!)
23. Read magazines.
24. Check email.
25. Pray.
26. Do a word find.
27. Miss work. I know, right? I miss the big people and the little people too!
28. Do a People magazine crossword--the only crossword I can finish!
29. Enjoy time to think and be thankful.
30. Listen to baby's heartbeat.
31. Watch football.
32. Get to know nurses really well. And all of the doctors in the entire practice!
33. Enjoy every moment of son falling asleep in hospital bed.
34. Clean out email address book.
35. Watch fingernails grow.
36. Drink some more water.
37. Make a whole new kind of "to do while sitting on my butt" list.
38. Go for a wheelchair ride--wahoo!!
39. Pray.
40. Be thankful for every day.
41. Enjoy moments with friends--I know how busy they are.
42. Think about writing thank you notes, but get distracted by various other things.
43. Squeeze quads and glutes while lying in bed, knowing it's strength training.
44. Smile.

And another:
*Plan my outfit (pajamas) hours in's not near as stressful as getting dressed
for work every day!


Stephanie said...

Do your Christmas shopping online! That's fun. Get in the holiday spirit!

Tina said...

This list is the best list!! You are one amazing lady. I love you AND your lists. :)

rachael... said...

45. Blog :)

sunshine said...

2Wow!!! YOU have always been positive which is I'm sure why we are wonderful friends, but THIS is one amazing list! I'm so sorry you are going through this, but I'm so proud of how you are dealing with it. You have amazing friends, and an amazing family!!! Love you galore!