Monday, October 26, 2009

Things to Do While Mommy is on Bedrest

These are things my sweet little boy has actually done while I've been here. I hope this doesn't change your opinion of him (or me)!

1. Call Mommy every night before bedtime.
2. Answer her every time she asks me what pajamas I'm wearing.
3. Ask grandmothers for candy after every meal...and get it.
4. Charm nurses at nurses station.
5. Read books with Mommy at hospital.
6. Try really hard not to push buttons in Mommy's room and say "I hope I don't push the doctor button today!" at every visit.
7. Dunk hand/arm in the toilet.
8. Drive around neighborhood looking at fall/Halloween decorations.
9. Talk grandmother into sleeping in bed with me.
10. Carve a pumpkin.
11. Decorate Halloween cookies.
12. Eat breakfast at home every weekday morning (not at school because I'm not there by 8:15 in the morning).
13. Tell grandmothers they've turned the wrong way on the way to school (because he'd rather stay home with them) when they've gone the right way!
14. Tell grandmothers "This isn't it" while in driveway at school. Grandmother has to call for confirmation (because this sweet boy usually tells the truth).
15. Kiss Mommy's belly.
16. Ask that every cup of milk be chocolate milk.
17. Befriend security guard at hospital.
18. Get golfcart ride from security guard.
19. Get ice cream from security guard.
20. Answer "Good" every time Mommy asks "What are you doing?" repeatedly. Laugh with Mommy, but not really sure why it's so funny.
21. Wrap grandmothers around finger...even more.
22. Miss Mommy.
23. Turn CD up really loud for bedtime music.
24. Take a nap with Mommy at the hospital.
25. Handle this whole situation much better than any of us...

He's really pushing boundaries and taking advantage of this situation. He's asking if he can do things he knows he's not supposed to. Guess I'd do the same thing if I was 3 1/2!


26. Ask grandmother to potty in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. Ask grandmother if they can empty trash can. Place grandmother on other side of room to wait "until I finish." Pee in trash can.

At least he emptied the trash can...., right?