Monday, June 9, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!!

We've had this weed growing everywhere in our flower garden, between everything. It was so prolific I thought maybe I'd planted some seeds and blocked them from memory. They are very fast growing and I haven't had the heart to pull them--out of curiosity, I think.

Yesterday, I noticed one of them had a beautiful, golden yellow bloom on it! I thought, "This looks like a squash bloom, but I haven't planted any. I wonder what this is?"

Well as Russ pulled up 85% of the weeds, his father said to him, "That's squash!!" Where the heck did we get squash you ask?? trying to do my part for our environment, I put all of our fruit and veggie waste in to the garden--sort of my no effort compost pile. Yes I have put squash that was in the veggie bin of the refrigerator too long out there, yes I have put cuttings out there. What is my reward? Saving the environment AND a squash plant!!

We don't really want a veggie garden out there with our flower garden, but I'm going to have to leave these alone to see what happens. This may be the inspiration I need to have a vegetable garden (something I've inspired to do, but put no effort forth).


Boyz3Mommy said...

Beautiful! Green Thumb Mama You!! My Hollyhock seeds are sprouting!!! I can't wait to get some to you. I've got some other seeds from this vine that has purple blooms, I don't know what they are called - Mac's mom didn't know either. I'll give you some of those too!!!

Becca said...

You'll love it! I planted squash where we used to live and with very little care got a HUGE squash. I cut it into small cubes and got about 4 cups. I made it into a yummy casserole.