Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good News and Bad News

(Russ sent this picture via his cell phone on Friday. Justin's smile made us feel so much better!!)
Okay, so we really haven't been hearing much from the family in Maryland. Riley, Karol, and I are in Rockport this weekend with Robbye and Mike. We've been hanging by the phone and waiting, waiting (and managing to have some fun too!).

Russ called yesterday afternoon and informed us that they discovered he had a broken hip in addition to all of his other injuries. Justin had surgery yesterday afternoon to put a pin in his hip and they were going to somehow connect that hip pin to his femur. They were also going to put a filter in his leg to prevent a blood clot from traveling to his heart. This surgery lasted 12 hours yesterday. Longer than they expected--Justin was still in surgery when we went to bed last night.

This phone call also brought news that Justin would likely loose both of his feet. The nurse explained that his foot bones and heel were "like a bag of bones" and they have been removing bone fragments. It just doesn't seem likely that they could put the bones back together and have a functioning foot. That's the bad news.

A foot specialist is flying in today to look at Justin's feet and provide some additional input on his feet. His doctor didn't seem to think that this foot specialist would disagree with her and that most likely Justin would lose both feet. I honestly think it is much harder for all of us to adjust to this news than it is Justin. Justin has been trying to prepare us for this all along.

The Good News is that Justin will have the opportunity to be a full functioning young man. The doctor said that with prosthetic feet, Justin will likely be walking again in 3-6 months. If they didn't take his feet, he would most likely never walk and be in a wheelchair.

Russ was trying to find a parking place in the hospital this morning as we were talking, so nothing new this morning. Please continue to pray for Justin and his recovery, Kim's strength as she stays with Justin, and the family as the travel.

Evening Update: Justin had a day today with no surgeries! He laid low and got to visit with his family. He told the doctors and nurses that if they were going to take his feet, to take them because he was ready to do it and get on the road to recovery.

His spirit through all this has kept us sane. He's been the calming force most of the time. Bless his heart.

Russ is also going to try to stay another day to see Justin after his surgery.


Boyz3Mommy said...

What a strong young person. I don't know if I could be as strong. Praying for them still. Love you. How are you doing?

jenn said...

I agree. I think this young man is amazing and truly an inspiration. I just can't imagine. Any idea when he might make it home to Texas? Justin and his family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jack Shuford said...

Justin is my hero! Has been for several years and now even more. We are praying for him, his family and for a quick recovery.