Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quotes of Late...

"Be ca-ful."

"Stupid-ous!" (This is me trying to make "stupid" so much better!!)

"Ouch. Kiss it Mama?"

"I kiss it for you Mama."

"I go night night on couch" (wants to sleep on the couch because he's seen Dada do it.)

"Here goes me!" (When it was his turn to go down the slide.)

"No highchair, red chair." (Haven't been sitting in the highchair much anymore--only when he doesn't follow directions at the table!)

"I go with you." (He means, "I'll be your shadow.")

"I flush it Mama!"

"I sorry" and "No I sorry."

And my favorite...."I get my dress." ("I'll get dressed.")

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rachael... said...

That's so funny...I just posted the same kind of post last night before I saw yours! Mommies think alike!