Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Marine

(Justin, on right)

Our family's most recent hero, Justin, was injured today in Afghanistan. His mother received the call this afternoon telling her that he'd been hurt when an improvised explosive device went off while he was traveling in a vehicle. He has broken both legs, crushed a heel, and has more broken bones in his feet. We first heard that he would be flown to Germany because he couldn't be taken care of effectively there. We've also heard that he's staying in Afghanistan. It's a waiting game. Please pray for our brave Marine....and all the other soliders and their families.

6/21/08 update: Justin called last night and spoke with his mother. She felt more peaceful after talking to him, which is fabulous. We also found out that he has broken his back. His mother spoke with a nurse who was with him (who was difficult to understand) who said that his injuries "were fixable." Does that mean he's paralyzed? Or won't be?

We're working on finding out when and where he will be sent (in the U.S.).

Please pray for Justin and his buddies--for their mental and physical well being. Please pray for his mother to find peace in this situation. Pray for her to find more information, to hear from him again.

6/21/08 evening update: Justin called his mother again--he had just come out of another surgery. His back isn't broken, but maybe a vertebrae or two. He's worried about losing a leg or a foot and asked his dad if anyone would hire him if he was missing any parts. Bless his heart. I'm hoping he's just assuming the worst, as we do when we're hurting and afraid.

We discovered that Justin was in the top of a hummer--looking out for landmines that he usually spots. He didn't see this one and was blown out of the top of his vehicle--30 meters. Someone in the vehicle with him drug him away from the explosion (he was on fire) and then someone from the Hummer behind him pulled him another 100 yards wait for the Medivac to get there.

When Justin was being evacuated by helicopter from the site where he was injured, a Navy soldier got out and said, "I know you!" Justin said, "No you don't" and the man responded, "Yes, from River Hills!" (That was the church that Justin had gone to when he was younger.) That gives me goosebumps. That is God at work.

He's still in Afghanistan and we're anxiously awaiting him to return to the states.

(Here's a great pic of Kim (his mom) and Justin that I had to add--taken last Christmas.)

6/21/08 9:00 p.m. update: Justin will hopefully be leaving Afghanistan soon. His legs were broken, yes. Mangled is what we'd call it. At this time he is missing 4 inches of a femur and trying to get some circulation going in his feet.

6/22/08 9:00 p.m. update: Justin has arrived in Germany! He is wiggling all of his toes and has okay circulation in his feet. He's not moving his legs because he's not supposed to right now. He has multiple injuries to his spine between his shoulders and lower back.

We're expecting him to be in the U.S. sometime this week.

p.s. Just wanted to post something he said yesterday, "I might lose my foot, but it's a long way from my heart."

Please continue to pray for Justin as he tries to heal. Pray for his safety as he travels. Pray for his family as they travel to be with him.


rachael... said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Please keep us posted.

jenn said...

I can't imagine what this is like for your family. Justin and your family are in my prayers.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Praying every second I can. My heart is broken for Justin and his family. I hope Kim is doing better now that he has made it to Germany. Let me know what you hear next.