Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Justin Update

This morning, Russ and I called Justin and spoke with someone at the front desk who told us that he was prepping for another surgery (7:30 a.m. our time). He got out of a spinal surgery last night at 9:00 where they inserted 12 inches of a metal rod into his back. The surgery this morning is supposed to focus on his legs.

It's hard not knowing what's going on. Talking to Justin who is on morphene and in and out of surgery isn't getting the clear, concise information we'd like!!

Here's a news clip from a Corpus station with John and (little) Robbye (Justin's father and sister):

Here's another article I found from a Corpus newspaper:

9:20 a.m.: Just got more info via Robbye from John (Justin's dad) that Justin still isn't out of the woods from losing a leg or a foot. We still don't know anything because they aren't wanting him to move. He's in surgery now and we're hearing that the longer the surgery takes, the better. If he's going to lose a leg or a foot it should take a few hours, but to save it could take 12-15 hours.

They're still telling his family to wait on coming to Germany (two days ago we thought he might be in D.C. or San Antonio by today or tomorrow). That clearly isn't happening with these marathon surgies Justin is having.

8:30 p.m. update: Justin's surgery that he had this afternoon was basically a deep cleaning. We'd spent the morning holding our breath and then found out he was out of surgery (in 2 hours) and assumed that he'd lost his leg. When Kim called the hosptial, they told her to call back in 2 hours. Seriously??!!

Justin spent the day in a light sleep--to alleviate the pain the nurse told Kim. She said if we had the injuries he had, we'd want to sleep too.

Nobody talked to Justin today and that made it tough. He's okay, he has all of his limbs, and is expected to go in for another deep clean tomorrow.

Rumor has it that he's going to Maryland on Friday.


rachael... said...

I just can't imagine what this is like for all of you. We're thinking of Justin and sending all our positive energy his way.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Thank goodness it wasn't what y'all were thinking this morning. Boy did I ever bawl when I saw Robbye on that video clip. Gulp. Please keep updating like you have been. Sending you and the Rokohls lost of love.