Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Assembly Required

Riley received this fun bubble mower for his birthday in January (thanks Notgrass'!). We've had it in the box in the garage because we haven't been spending much time outside. Don't think for a minute that Riley was going to let the weather keep him away from that mower. He wanted to mow in weather I wasn't ready to supervise in.

Well, Spring is here and we've been spending more time outside. This evening while Russ was outside visiting with the neighbors, Riley asked if he could play with his lawn mower (not anything else he'd already drug out to play with) "Sure! If you can open it, you can play with it, " Russ said.

While they were talking, our little man was busy ripping into that box! Riley informs Russ that he's got it out of the box, holding the lawnmower handle. The next thing Russ knows, Riley has assembled that lawnmower AND put the bubbles (with the lid on) exactly where they go!!

We were a bit surprised AND impressed. He loves that thing and has mowed every day since...