Monday, April 20, 2009


I have this wall of framed photos in our stairway of our vacations together. I take the photos and Russ measures, levels, and makes them look this fabulous. (I don't have the patience for this task.)

NOW I have this...

in my dining room. It was a gradual process and it looked like we were crazy, but I envisioned this wall of frames filled with framed photos. Phase One is now complete...well, for a few small frames to fill in two gaps. Now I can start filling these up with wonderful photos of us and the people we love. No theme here: old, new, family, friends, anything...but no trips--those have their own special place too. I can't wait for Phase Two to be complete!

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rachael... said...

I've always admired your wall of vacation photos...I'm sure I'm going to love this new wall, too!