Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You

Riley's never too far away from Dog. He always knows where to find him and Dog is able to comfort him when nothing else can.
Last month, I was putting Riley to bed and laid Dog right next to him. Riley snatched him up and put Dog at the foot of the bed and stated, "I don't need Dog. I don't love him."

Mommy's heart was broken. Just one more thing to add to My Baby's Not a Baby Anymore list.

Thankfully, the weekend came and Riley and Dog were buddies again (and Mommy was able to erase something from that big and nasty list).


Stephanie said...

Our Dog's name is Cowboy. Blaine's 5, and Cowboy is still his #1 comforter!

Becca said...

Charlie's Phent is a member of our family. It would break my heart too if Charlie said something like that! Glad to hear they are reunited.