Monday, November 17, 2008

Someone's In The Kitchen With Mommy

It's no secret that I like to be in the kitchen--cooking of course, not cleaning. Well, my budding little chef loves it as much as I do. (Once, when we asked him what his name was, he said Riley Cookin'.) He pulls a barstool up to the kitchen counter, washes his hands, and he's ready to go!

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to make some pumpkin bread. Riley particularly enjoys baking when it involves the KitchenAid mixer. He doesn't love that thing when it's on high speed though--"too loud" he says. He prefers fold or stir.

I read him the recipe and he repeats it back to me. He may know more kitchen lingo than my Babe! Riley helped with every step, holding the measuring spoon or cup and dumping it in. "I want to do it myself" or "my turn" he says.

At one point, I turned of the mixer, lifted the whisk attachment up and walked to the pantry to grab something. While in the pantry, I heard a slurping sound. It was my kitchen assistant with his entire fist in his mouth!! He had dipped his entire hand into the pumpkin bread batter and was busy licking it off. (Now, I'm ALL about eating the dough/batter, I think I actually prefer it to the finished product, but c'mon--use a spoon!)

Sunday morning we made some pigs in a blanket. He rolled the weenie up in the dough and everything! He's a better eater when I let him get involved in what I cook.

He wasn't into eating dinner tonight so I told him we could make some cookies if he finished eating. He did...the motivation worked! We made some oatmeal-raisin/chocolate chip cookies and once again, he just couldn't stand not having several pinches of that dough. Another favorite kitchen tool of his is the whisk. he knows it by name and loves tell me how to use it, "mix it easy Mama, like I do."

I'm so glad he loves to be in the kitchen like I do (most of the time). Some days though, I do admit I don't have the patience for a 3 year old kitchen assitant. I'm thankful that Russ can read that about me and entertain him otherwise.


rachael... said...

OMG...Riley Cookin'...that one's priceless!!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Like always, a more patient mommy than I. Once a year on Christmas Eve is about all the "help" I can handle. That Riley Cookin' is pretty darn special.

Susie said...


Oh and the Riley stuff is cute, too. ;o) (Riley Cookin', heheheee)

But seriously, that is so cool. I would love to have a kid as interested in food/cooking as I am. (If/when I have one.) BUT, I am sure you need a LAWT of patience!

LaSonja said...

What a team! You need to get him an apron and chef's hat for Christmas. Lauryn has several b/c one set is always in the washer. Lew-Lew is "Little Chef" and I'm "Big Chef"! I will save some of my cooking scrapbook paper for you! LOVE IT!