Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure

A charm bracelet tells a story and I thought I'd share mine.

The charm bracelet I wear is a gift from a former student (Elyssa) from way back. She gave me this as an end of the year gift with a charm attached--a little girl at a desk. The next year, when Elyssa was a third grader, she brought me another charm--a crayon. Do you have any idea how cool that is when your former students remember you, much less bring you a wonderful gift?

Since Elyssa, I've added many more:

The Kiss--from Russ. I'd never seen this charm when I received it as an anniversary gift. Perfect.

A rocking chair--from Nana. I wanted that charm from her because she always got up from her rocking chair to let me sit in it when I came over. Spoiled rotten.

A camera--from Shelly. She drew my name for our Bunco gift exchange. I didn't specify a charm, but she picked a perfect one.

Elephant--from Russ. This was to represent our trip to the 2004 Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball.

Four Seasons--from Robbye. This was a special gift from Robbye for being a bridesmaid. I'll always remember what she said, "You've been a friend to me through all seasons."

Special Daughter in Law--from Thomas and Karol. It's a wonderful thing when you love your in-laws--and I do!

Monkey--from John, Julie, Jackson, Jordan, P.J., and Joshua Powell. A birthday gift that I'd requested to represent Riley.

Two Peas in a Pod--from Russ. He gave this to me when Riley was a baby and said that we were "two peas in a pod."

Longhorn--from Uncle Roy. I'd been wanting this one for a while and I love that he's the one that got it for me--we always talk Texas Football when he's around. He's a big fan too!

Dog Bone--from Russ, to represent our dog, Doak.

Flip Flop--from Russ. I love them, he hates (wearing)them.

Mother and Child--from Russ. He gave me this one after Riley was born.

Passport--from Russ. This one represents our 2 trips to visit special friends in Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm looking for more stamps on my passport!

Star--from Russ. I've always liked them...and now it's Riley's favorite song to sing!

Cat--from Russ. Represents Corky and Callie.

Little Boy--from Russ. He gave me this and said our baby was turning into a little boy. Ugh.

I love this bracelet and the story it tells. I'm anxious to add more "chapters" as life continues to unfold.


Boyz3Mommy said...

Okay. Yeah. Totally going to get you one I promise. What a loser I feel like :)

rachael... said...

What an awesome post! I haven't even thought about my charm bracelet in years, but I think you've inspired me to dig it out of the bottom of the jewelry box.