Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight..

So what you're saying is:

Texas beat OU in October (45-35).
Texas beat Missouri in October (56-31).
From this information, the BCS deduces that OU and Mizzou should play in the Big 12 Championship.


Colt McCoy isn't afraid to be tackled.
Sam Bradford is. C'mon, you've seen him slide like a ballerina into the invisible first down line on that field.
Mack Brown played his 2nd string quarterback the last quarter of their last game against Texas' most historic rivalry.
Bob Stoops played an injured Sam Bradford every moment of the game with a 13 point lead, to finish with a 20 point lead. To pad their BCS points, I presume.

It worked I guess, but Mack Brown has more style points than a BCS computer could ever give him.

Colt for Heisman! Go Mizzou!
Hook 'em Horns!


rachael... said...

Exactly. Go Florida...beat Alabama! TX-OU rematch for the National Championship!!

Boyz3Mommy said...

Bless your heart!! I'm pissed and I don't even bleed orange like you all. This REALLY sucks!

LaSonja said...

You're preachin' to the choir SISTA! Can I get an AMEN?!!!

Susie said...

This is late but someone just sent it to me today, figured you would find it amusing!