Saturday, November 8, 2008

Candy Land

What was I thinking buying Candy Land for Riley a week after Halloween? Just the mention of the word makes him think he needs some.

I've been wanting to get the game so we could try it out with him. Tonight all 3 of us played and Riley beat us both!

He would've won the second game too, but we pushed it. Should've stopped while we were ahead. There would've been no putting his feet on the gameboard, knocking over our pieces, skipping ahead, etc. The first game was much more cooperative. We'll just pretend that second game never was bedtime--we should've known better.


rachael... said...

I'm impressed...Gage still won't sit through an entire game of Chutes & Ladders!

Boyz3Mommy said...

We have an entire game cabinet - the boys LOVE to play games. I'm so glad you shared this with Riley.