Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slumber Party

Last weekend we were back at the ranch and were going to try spending the night for our first time. Riley doesn't do so well away from home in a pack and play anymore.

7:30--He had a bath

8:00--Russ read books and laid in bed

8:20--Russ leaves the room and Riley's crying

8:30--Riley's still crying....can't stand it, so I go in his room

8:31--Lie on floor and pat his back

8:33--Still patting

8:36--Now he's sitting up talking to me

8:39--I say, "How about I lay in the bed while you lay in your bed?" "Okay Mama!" he replies
replies as he stands up with his dog, pillow, and blanket in hand. "No, you sleep in your
bed and Mommy lays right here." "No, my bed" he retorts. Ugh.

8:45--I tell Riley I'm going to get my pillow...head out and wait.

8:50--He's crying again

8:55--He wins. Mommy and Riley are in the bed together. (We haven't done this since he was
6 months old.) I pat his butt, his back, and rub his hair. My sweet baby returns the
favor. He closes his eyes for a while and then opens them, 3 inches from mine, and gives
me the best smile ever. (Which is good...because I don't want to be in bed at 9:00.)

9:03--I'm wondering when he's going to fall asleep and making a plan for sneaking out of the bed.

9:15--I kiss him on the forehead.

10:38--He kisses me on the forehead.

12:30--The rain, thunder, and lightning start. Riley wakes up, looks at me, and says, "Ranch
Mama." (Yes, we're at the ranch, Riley)

1:24--I roll over and kiss his cheek.

2:48--He kisses mine and says, "Hair up Mama." (My ponytail holder fell out during the night
and he now has an obsession about my hair being up.)

3:30--The thunder is big time now, I'm awake. Riley pops up, looks at me with big eyes and
says, "Raining....thunder...lightning....umbrella." I watch him sleep, thankful one of us is
getting some. I don't think I get any sleep beyond this point. I even switched sides with my little man.

5:30--Riley's up. Nobody else is, of course. Poor Dada is on the counch. Riley asks where
everyone is, "Nunny? Buzz? Dada? Doak?" "Sleeping" is my reply. He's wide awake
having full conversations with me. I check to see what's on t.v. Who knew Sesame Street
was on at 5:30 Saturday morning. Thank you. That bought us some time, but not much.
I tried to keep him quiet and contained so everyone could sleep.

6:00--Buzz is up and starts the coffee pot. Thank you!! It's still pouring. Honey joins us.
We sit in the sunroom and watch the sun come up.

6:30--By 6:30 I've had 3 cups of coffee and Riley is all over the place. I'm exhausted and I need
a nap.

What a night!! I haven't had a sleepless night in quite a while with my 2 year old and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Those unsolicited kisses, pats on the back, snuggles, and smiles....I'll remember that night forever. I will remember how little sleep I got, but mostly I'll remember the moments that made my heart skip a beat.


rachael... said...

Brought tears to my eyes!! Gage has started asking me to lay with him for a while when he goes to bed...I usually don't because I don't want to HAVE to do it every night...but I had a similar experience a few nights ago when I patted and snuggled and giggled and eventually fell asleep with him. Nothing better.

Boyz3Mommy said...
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Boyz3Mommy said...

SWEET SWEET SWEET....just don't let it last for two LONG years like I did with Fisher. Even though I still miss it from time to time...those were the worst two sleeping years of my life...from age 2 - 4. THEN he finally learned to sleep with his little brother!! Who KNEW I wasn't really getting any quality sleep for that long!!