Monday, April 14, 2008

Ice Cream for Breakfast

We spent the weekend at Aunt Robbye and Uncle Mike's. After dinner Saturday night (and around Riley's bedtime) Robbye started making some homemade ice cream--YUM! wasn't frozen by the time Riley went to bed and he was brokenhearted about the whole thing. Robbye held him up at the bar and let him dip his finger in while it was spinning several times. He loved it and it was the cutest thing ever! We ate it all of course, except for the little bowl that Dada requested be saved for him.

I'm pretty picky about the way this little guy eats, but as he gets older, I'm letting go.....just a little bit. Anyway...I told myself that if he asked for the ice cream when he woke up, I'd let him have it. Well, 7:30 a.m. rolls around and I walk in to grab him. "Hi Mama! Ice cream?" Without hesitation, I said, "Sure--we'll have it for breakfast!" Before our coffee, in his pajamas, before it reached 40 degrees, he had ice cream--just as I had promised. It was fun to break the rules--maybe we should do it more often!?


queenoftheboys said...

love it....i will have breakfast with him anytime!

Boyz3Mommy said...

MMMmmmmm - my all-time favorite breakfast!! See, now you've done it. You've opened the door to "Russellworld". There aint no turnin' back now ladybug!!