Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Boys


*Loves milk
*Enjoys sleeping in on weekends
*Loves the outdoors
*Says please and thank you
*Calls Mom and Dad "Babe" sometimes
*Loves his grandparents and great grandparents
*Has a love/hate relationship with deer
*Loves Backyardigans
*Likes to dance
*Enjoys reading and building with blocks
*Has an opinion about which shoes he wears
*Fascinated with school buses, fire trucks, and tractors
*Loves oranges, bananas, and apples (but don't you dare cut it)
*Prefers a routine
*Wears size 4 diapers during the day and sleeps in a size 5
*Sleeps with "Dog" his dog blanket
*Enjoys playing hiding games
*Doesn't want to sit in his high chair anymore
*Loves to help in the kitchen and in the garden
*Likes to take baths
*Makes me a better person


*Loves ice cream
*Is very handy around the house
*Is better at picking up after himself than I am
*Loves the Texas Longhorns (has not missed a home football game or the TX-ou game since 1994)
*Is great at historical trivia
*Enjoys crossword puzzles
*Makes me laugh
*Will order lasagna every time we eat Italian food
*His favorite president was Ronald Reagan
*Travels with his Bible in his bag
*Doesn't like to go barefooted
*Loves to sleep
*Enjoys listening to talk radio (usually sports)
*Hates to shave
*Loves cereal--any kind
*Makes me a better person


rachael... said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Hope you won't mind if I steal the idea...

mkv said...

I love the "babe" thing! ;)

And, I remember the cereal thing with Russ. ;)


Boyz3Mommy said...

I love those boys of yours. You are one lucky lady. Miss you.