Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thanks for the Haircup

For the 2nd time, Tina and Norah have driven far from home to come to our house so Riley could have his own personal hairstylist in the comfort of his own home. Maybe one day I will tell the story of Riley's "first haircut" (the haircut that didn't happen) when we went to a kid-friendly hair salon. It's much worse than the story of our last trip to the doctor's office.

We'd talked about the haircut so he would be mentally prepared for it. The night before, Dada was leaving Riley's room at bedtime and said, "Are you going to get a haircut?" Riley responded with "Yes......Nonie.....see us." (Yes, I'm getting a haircut when Nonie comes to see us).

Wednesday afternoon I picked Riley up from school and talked it up. He was getting his "haircup." Nonie and Tina arrived, we ate dinner, and moved onto business. Riley was such a big boy! He sat in Dada's lap.....a bit concerned at first, but eventually loosened his grip on Russ's fingers and enjoyed the haircut. This time, with no tears OR lollipops. He looked so handsome and because we'd done it before, I knew those curls were coming back--I was more at ease too!

Thanks to two of my favorite people who are still taking care of me (and now my family) 20 years later. I love you both.

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Boyz3Mommy said...

I'm just so thankful you guys have let me share in your life. What a sweet little family you have Missala. I am so proud of you and Russ and your sweet little Riley.