Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Sausage!

The 3 of us with Honey and Buzz have been to Rudy's on a Sunday the past month a few times. I don't love bbq, I just like it. It must be that the weather has been perfect for it--cold and/or rainy. It's nice to sit on their porch, with the fire going and the rain coming down outside. A friend told me, "It's comfort food." That must be why Rudy's has been so appealing lately.

We're trying to figure out how much of what to order, so every time we make adjustments based on how much leftovers we have. It's a skill we're developing.

Must haves: brisket, creamed corn, sausage, and a small cole slaw for myself, and sweet tea.
Not always necessary: ribs, turkey, and potato salad.

We discovered a new favorite of Riley's--sausage!!! He'll eat it with or without the "ketchup." Don't panic, it's barbecue sauce. That Rudy's BBQ sauce is pretty spicy, too! The creamed corn is a hit--what idiot wouldn't LOVE that stuff? Mama's cole slaw comes right back out of his mouth.

If you run into us at Rudy's, you'll for sure hear Riley saying, "My saw-sich." He'll say it with an entire mouthful of sausage, with some left in his little paper boat! He needs more--before he runs out!

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