Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm in Love!!

Yesterday was my first day of Spring Break. I had initially planned to take Riley to school Monday and have lunch with a friend. I felt a little guilty, but was going ahead with the plan. I even considered taking him, driving him to my mother's, etc. Early Monday morning, this friend emailed and said she had to cancel because she was having an unexpected root canal.

It was a great day to stay in--pouring down rain and pretty chilly. He slept in and we hung out in our j.j's most of the day. We watched a few episodes of Backyardigans, of course. He's starting to laugh at the funny things, so that's exciting to watch. He's been singing along for a while now and knowing more and more of the chorus and the last word of the lines. It warms my heart watching these things develop.

We ate blackberries (his first time and he says black bay-yay).
We ate scrambled eggs on toast with cheese.
We read books.
We played cars.
We went out on the back porch a few times ("A-yard Mama.")
We put together puzzles, 6 times each.
We played with "money" (his cash register).
We snuggled.
We loved every minute.

I am so thankful for my friend's dental drama (sorry, Cara). Without it, I would've missed out on this wonderful day with my favorite little man.

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