Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Ranch

My father-in-law and brother-in-law bought some land just outside of Lampassas. The Ranch. We're already in love. We've spent 2 weekends out there (and the boys a day off in the middle of the week) cleaning, moving in, cleaning, painting, and cleaning. This weekend a new toilet was installed, Riley rode a tractor for the first time with Uncle Mike, the cable guy came, Riley rode the 4-wheeler with Aunt Robbye, and Robbye and Mike moved in ALL of their goodies. There is so much work to be done, but every trip out there, it just gets better and better.

Today we were amazed by The Bee Tree. We parked, got out, and heard the buzzing. Of course it's a tree not far away from the house, halfway between the back and the front. One can't ignore the constant buzzing. It's pretty incredible, actually.

I cannot wait until the house is ready for us to spend the weekend in. Let the good times begin: riding 4-wheelers, shooting skeet, watching the cows, working on the tractor, getting away from it all, and most of all--hanging out and relaxing with our family.


Boyz3Mommy said...

These pictures are just completely incredible. How beautiful this place is. I'm so happy for you guys.

rachael... said...

Great pictures!! I'm thinking Bunco getaway...