Friday, January 14, 2011

Tubs of Fun

Kace has always been pretty social in his own way. He's been a big flirt since birth, batting his eyes and coyishly turning his head. He's becoming more and more social. He loves to talk at home, but if there is a crowd, he just sits back and takes it all in. He is definitely having separation anxiety right now...he'll start to cry if he sees the back of my head! He's still such a happy, content little muffin.

We've had bouts with sickness between both boys lately. It honestly seems like if it's not one, it's the other. We even had an adventure in the ER Christmas night with Kace! Even when he feels bad, has a fever, cough, wheezing, whatever....a bath always makes him smile. He just loves splashing and kicking in the water. I think he particularly loves that Mommy and Daddy seem to get wet from shoulder to knees while bathing him too!


Angie & Greg said...

Missy - He is just too cute!!! I am sad to hear that you all had to spend your holiday at the ER. Hopefully both boys are through there sick streak.

sunshine said...

Hehehehehehe....thank you for posting. I LOVE the tub video! :-)

Boyz3Mommy said...

AWESOME video of Kaceman!! He is so happy all the time! Love him and his mommy too.