Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My friend Tina at Shot of Whimsy has been such an inspiration to me lately. She started a new project, posting a daily photo for a year. She has inspired me and many others to stop and take notice of the beauty in our every day lives. She has no idea how I anxiously await her latest post...and look forward to the next one.

These trees at the entrance to my subdivision have been there as long as I can remember. Each year at this time, they have bright red berries and I think they are just beautiful. I always have an excuse not to stop and take pictures of them (children in the car, it's too cold, too many cars driving by, etc.) but thanks to Tina, I made the effort to stop and photograph these berries. They're not exactly what I wanted them to look like, but they are pretty. I think I'll have to make another attempt before the berries vanish until next year...

Thank you, Tina, for making me realize that beautiful photos don't have to have the perfect hair, the perfect outfit, and the perfect light. There is so much beauty in our every day.

This one is my favorite...I saved the best for last!


Boyz3Mommy said...

These are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for saying such wonderful things! It's been so much fun learning how to capture the everyday. I never have been good at it (like you have. Because of that, I'm very glad I started this project so that maybe I can catch up!

sunshine said...

I love BOTH of you. These are great photos, Missy. And Tina, she is right with every single thing she said.

jenn said...

I LOVE that she is doing the 365 project! Her pics are AMAZING and she is a HUGE inspiration to me too!
On Monday we went bowling and I took this picture of the shoes & the pins-totally something that I thought of trying/capturing because of Tina!