Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Incredible Little Hulk

As I'm sitting at the computer, Riley walks into the office and says, "Mommy, my pants are not fitting. I can't snap them, can you help me?"

Yes, my boy is growing, but THIS is insanity!!

Um, yes, my almost 5 year old can wear 18 month jeans. Hilarious, isn't it? The sad part is that I can't even begin to look this good in the size 4 jeans and pants awaiting my arrival in my closet. WHY???


sunshine said...

That is hysterical!!!! And when you figure out the answer to your last question, let me know. ;-) You are beautiful. Love you all.

Boyz3Mommy said...

Laughed out loud so hard I scared the dogs. Story was awesome...especially after you scroll down to the last pic. LOVE it!