Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'd planned all week to go out with my husband. It's been a while, you see...since October 7th (or maybe a little earlier) I've been in a hospital, at home with my sweet little muffin, or my mom's, my in-laws, or my grandparents house. Oh, and 2 trips to H.E.B. and once to Target. It's kind of sad, huh?

Mom was going to keep Riley because he's been dying to go to Mimi's. Nunny was going to keep Kace. Russ and I were going to Alamo to see The Blind Side. Friday came, I was going to buy tickets online, and the movie was gone. The Lovely Bones opened and moved into the theater, my evening was ruined!! I was so frustrated and honestly didn't want to go spend $50 on a movie I didn't really want to see.

I told Russ we could just go enjoy a meal and a glass of wine somewhere. (Yes, I was planning on drinking a glass...or two!) Russ checked with Brian and Julia to see if they could join us--and they were in!

Things were looking up!!

We met at Reale's, a little Italian place we like. We enjoyed their company outside of the hospital as much as we did in it (not a surprise, actually)! It was great to see them again and have a conversation out of NICU. I actually miss being there and seeing the people we became so attached to, I know it's crazy. I'm ever so grateful to be home though.

They are doing well, Braden is doing well--his big goal right now is feeding. He moved out of the isolette and is now in a crib! He's gaining weight like crazy and Brian and Julia couldn't be more proud of their precious little man. We are so happy for the 3 of them!

Couldn't get a group pic, but here we are. 2 glasses of wine later. Love her!

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Julia Betts said...

we had soooo much fun. too short!! love you guys and miss you every day. we need to grab dinner with the three couples before we are all out of commission with kiddos.